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What is a Variable?

A variable is that command that allows a game to execute an action, for example if the value of the variable “action” is at a value of “2” when the object equals “action” to a value of “2” it executes an action as spin, fade, disappear, change position etc.

How to crate a value?

To create a value or a variable look in the (block of codes) “variables” there you will find commands like set, array, var, In this case drag “var” to the (work area), to this you can put a name and a value that you want to put in which numbers and letters are allowed, the variable can also be the value of another variable or the same value or another value of the same variable.

Variable “Set”

this block of code allows, as explained previously, that the value of a variable has the value of another value of a variable or that the value of the variable has been or that the same variable has another value but of the same variable, the command “set” would be a modifier since it modifies the value of a variable. when dragging the “set” command to the (work area) when viewing the command in the first option we have to put the variable that we want to change the value and in the second option we can put the value that we want the value of the variable, it can be 1,2, lo, kl, anything or the value of the variable can be the value of another variable.

We can even make the text that is a 2d text have the value of the value of another variable with the “set” command.

In the case that we want to change a model or a texture from one object to another we have to change it by itself, for example, a model can not be the value of a color, or a texture can not be the texture of a picture, it must be a model with the value of another model, or filename must be the value of another filename.


If you are going to make modifications of a value with the “set” command put this command inside a loop command, to create one, use the command (loop) that is in the code block (animation)


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