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A setup is a block of code that allows you to activate or deactivate or modify functions of the game.


  • Frame rate:allows to modify the speed of the game
  • Enable shandows on mobile:Enters the shadows of the game on Android depending if the option is active
  • Enable lights on mobile:set the lights of the game on android depending on whether the option is active
  • physics auto speed:automatically increases the speed of physics
  • Force full screen:force the resolution of the game the full screen, you can modify more options of these as mouse lock in full screen, with the controlling camera
  • background color:when there is no skybox, with this parameter you can change the blue background that comes by default to another one that you want with the color palette
  • Hide bar (SWF Export only):allows you to export the format of your game(SWF)online
  • mute sound:it allows you to mute the sound of your game in real time, you can buy a variable so that when you compare it silences the sound, and another one that when you compare the variable to another value, reproduce the sound of the game


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