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The Editor-Menu allows the user to open a project, save a project, save as, and start a new project. The File menu also allows the user to create a new Plugin, load a Plugin, and save a Plugin.


The editor's menu is organized by 5 sections

  • File
  • Edit
  • Project
  • Settings
  • Help



  • NEW PROJECT: allows you to create a new project
  • OPEN PROJECT: It allows to open a saved project of your game, in case you have problems to open your game or the message appears (your game has been executed in a short time), open the editor and use the option (open project) in this way your game goes to open without problems
  • SAVE PROJECT: Is an option that allows you to save all the modifications of the game, even with this you can set a view thumbnail for your game, it depends where you are
  • SAVE PROJECT AS: Allows you to save the project in a new one with the same blocks of code, the previous project will not be deleted.
  • SAVE PROJECT AS PLUGIN: Allows to save the current plugin in a new one with the same modifications of the previous pluging, the previous pluging will not be deleted
  • RENAME PROJECT: Change the current name of the project to a new one
  • NEW PLUGIN: Allows to create a new plugin to the project
  • OPEN PLUGIN: Allows you to open a saved plugin for your game, replaces the current plugin or project
  • SAVE PLUGING: Allows you to save the modifications of the current plugin with your capture or the last position of the camera
  • SAVE PLUGIN AS: Allows to save the current modifications of your plugin to a new one with another name, the previous plugin will not be deleted
  • SAVE PLUGIN AS PROJECT: Allows you to save the plugin as a project
  • RENAME PLUGIN: Allows you to change the current name of your plugin to another


  • UNDO: Allows you to set the previous modification of the game
  • REDO: Allows to restore the game modification after using (undo)


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