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The Editor-Menu allows the user to manage their project(s).


The editor's menu is organized into 5 sections

  • File
    • Edit
    • Project
    • Settings
    • Help


  • FILE:
  • NEW PROJECT: Create a new project
  • OPEN PROJECT: Open a saved project
  • SAVE PROJECT: Save your project. This option also creates a thumbnail for your project using the current camera position. Make sure your camera is set to the view you want before hitting SAVE PROJECT.
  • SAVE PROJECT AS: Save a copy of your project. Very useful for archiving states or branching/forking projects.
  • SAVE PROJECT AS PLUGIN: Save the current project as a plugin to be used in other projects
  • RENAME PROJECT: Change the current name of the project
  • NEW PLUGIN: Create a new plugin
  • OPEN PLUGIN: Open a saved plugin
  • SAVE PLUGIN: Allows you to save the modifications of the current plugin with your capture or the last position of the camera
  • SAVE PLUGIN AS: Allows to save the current modifications of your plugin to a new one with another name, the previous plugin will not be deleted
  • SAVE PLUGIN AS PROJECT: Allows you to save the plugin as a project
  • RENAME PLUGIN: Allows you to change the current name of your plugin to another

  • EDIT:
  • UNDO: Allows you to set the previous modification of the game
  • REDO: Allows to restore the game modification after using (undo)

  • RUN: Run your current project.
  • STOP: Stop the current project. Returns to the editor.
  • PAUSE: Pauses/freezes the current running project.
  • REWIND: Returns the camera to the start position.
  • PUBLISH: Publishes your project to the Gamemaker3D website
  • UNPUBLISH: If the current project was previously published to the Gamemaker3D website, this removes it.
  • ANDROID EXPORT (APK): Creates an APK file for use on Android systems. You'll need:
    • Your App Name - the name of your app. Ex: Ultimate Racing, Yet Another Flappy Thing, etc.
    • A Unique Package Name - this is usually in the form of com.[yourdevname].[packagename]. Ex: com.cooldevguy.ultracing, com.ripoffcorp.yaft
    • Version number - whole numbers only, no dec
  • WINDOWS EXPORT (EXE): Creates a ZIP file packed with the Windows EXE and all needed extension/media for the project to run on Windows systems.


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