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External Tools are tools that are used outside of Cyberix3D that can help you in your game development.

  • Away Builder - a great tool for editing your models, apply textures, animation, and effects before import them into the Cyberix3D Editor
  • Prefab3D - Prefab3D is a 3d editor tool for editing and converting 3D models. In Prefab3D you can also animate static models and then use the animated models in Cyberix3D.
  • Blender - Blender is a program containing more than just 3D related activities, it contains a video editor with lot's of effects. But most importantly you can create 3D models, you can create UV textures, rig, animate, tons more! If you have a model you want to import into Cyberix3D you can covert it to “.obj” with Blender.
  • TextureGenerator-Online - a texture generator that you can use online in your browser. This tool really comes in handy when you can't find the perfect texture or you lack the skills of a Texture Artist.
  • NormalMap-Online - From the developers of TextureGenerator-Online brings you a tool that allows the user to turn textures or height map to Normal maps, Spectacular Maps, Displacement Maps, and AmbientOcclusion Maps.
  • Online Audio Converter - One of the limits with audio in the Cyberix3D engine is size, with Online Audio Converter which is one of many tools on 123Apps you can reduce the quality of your audio allowing you to reduce the size of your audio file.
  • Vectary - If you can't find the model you are looking for and most 3D modeling programs are hard for you, Vectary is the right tool for you. Vectary is one of the greatest 3D modeling tools out there.
  • Nutty Skygen - Nutty Skygen is an online tool that allows you to easily create a (skybox) in this way you can create your own background for your game.