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Nutty Skygen

Nutty Skygen is an online tool that allows you to easily create a (skybox) in this way you can create your own background for your game.

- Resolution for images that compose the Skybox

- Rotations

- Size

- Color of the environment

- Sun brightness

- Sun glare

- The same for the clouds, multiple parameters …

- Etc …


your browser must support 'WebGL'!

Once you have completed your Skybox,

Export with Export Images!

You should have all the parts that make up the Skybox …

Save each image!

The better to rename images, including their parameter for example:

'skybox_test_px' for positive X image

'skybox_test_nx' for negative X image

… do the same for all images …

In the Editor, here is how to import the images to your Skybox:

Right texture > skybox_test_px

Left texture > skybox_test_nx

Top texture > skybox_test_py

Bottom texture > skybox_test_ny

Front texture > skybox_test_pz

Back texture > skybox_test_nz