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A ban is when the Cyberix3D Team decides to disallow a user from accessing the Cyberix3D Website and the editor.

Here's an image of a ban:

Reasons for being banned

  • Violating the terms of use
  • Cursing and/or making one very inappropriate game
  • Spamming
  • Creating a new account to go around a ban (a.k.a by-passing a ban)

Possible reasons for mistaken bans

A user might be mistakenly banned if…

  • They have a username that is similar to a banned user
  • The Cyberix3D Team makes misinterpretations of comments, projects or forum posts.
  • They make projects that frighten certain users.
  • An account starts behaving strangely, and its activities seem related to a banned user

Getting Unbanned

When a user is banned, that user has to contact the appropriate administration (the Cyberix3D Team on the main website/on the Wiki) in order to become unbanned, unlike most sites which set the expiration time when the user is banned.

They must contact the Cyberix3D Team to explain what they did and promise that they will behave properly in the future. they may decide either to lift the ban or take no action.


Some paragraphs taken from The Scratch Wiki released under CC BY-SA 4.0