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Point Light

the point of light is represented as a spherical yellow ball and serves to illuminate a single area of ​​a given place. The point of light has several parameters of lighting these are:

1) radio:

this parameter causes the light to increase its blur, the less diffused there will be less radiation and the light effect will not be seen well

2) fall off:

this establishes the size of the point of light, among others; more lighting will be available but more radio will be needed

3) Speculation:

Speculation is a very important parameter to make a dark place, a clear place, since it increases the brightness of a certain place

4) Attach light:

Attaching the light is that the point of light takes all the positions of the camera, x, y and z. It's a pretty nice effect for horror games

5) color:

it is a parameter that allows to change the color of the light already has green, red anything

6) ambient color:

the ambientacion of the color modifies the ambientacion of the color, it means the place, for example all the blocks or models change of color, according to the color of the ambientacion of the light

the light points can render up to 7 lights combined by texture

we can also make the light is the position of an object with “set


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