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Cyberix3D is out of resources

This is a very common error that indicates that your game is taking up a lot of resources in the editor, this happens because the models that you upload are not optimized or are too heavy to be processed in the editor. When this error is very frequent you may not be able to edit your game again.


Reduce the number of collision objects. You can use one transparent collision box instead of many collision objects for example.

Reduce the number of water and landscape objects because they are taking a lot of resources.

Optimize your models to AWD with Awaybuilder and try to optimize cubes and models within your MERGE command.

Another solution is to uncheck the parameter of the collision, of the objects that do not need to have the collision.


In case of opening the project and suddenly you see the error message, you must open the cyberix editor, open file / open project., And return your project. this method causes that from 0 reload the game code in such a way, that the message will not appear for the first time that the game loads. now if it is possible to correct the problem

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