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Play Sound

(play sound) allows you to play a sound loaded by (loadsound) and has 8 parameters to modify the sound


  • Volume:allows to change the sound frequency
  • Start time:allows you to change the playing time in the seconds you want
  • Allow interrupt and multiple:the second parameter of the 2 allows to reproduce the sound multiplied times and the 1 allows the sound to stop when another sound is reproduced
  • loops and infinite loops:is a value that allows to establish the number of times in which the sound will be repeated,with the 2 loop option (infinite loop) set if you want the sound to repeat infinitely
  • fade in and fade out:the (fade in) is a sound effect like fade out, the fade in allows when the sound is played the value is increased until the value of the volume is reached, and the fade out allows the sound to lower the frequency before ending until the value reaches 0


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